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of jamaica bay. new york city is truly huge in terms of the the number of people who live here and how much land the city covers. this section of the train goes from queens across jamaica bay. the trip over the water is long enough that, i kid you not, pigeons and learned to get on the train and ride it to the other side. the pigeons commute. and where they are going is the rockaways, an atlantic beach peninsula, which is still part of new york city, but it's more than an hour's ride from manhattan and it has sand and waves and lifeguards all at the southern edge of new york city. the rockaways are a funny place. it has a dozen distinct neighborhoods with a lot of housing for the elderly and a lot of housing projects when the city put thousands of families way out there, an hour's ride from the manhattan skyline that everybody e thinks of when they think of new york. half a century ago when the projects went up, the urban planners thought the elderly and poor people didn't need to be near town or near jobs, so they put them way out there in the rockaways. now working poor families making lo
association of transportation regulars conference last week and i heard the city of new york is planning on issuing a request a proposal for drivers healthcare. in order to increase the level of coverage. i want to talk to new york city and other jurisdictions about leveraging multiple cities populations of taxi drivers to bring rates down and provide health care for san francisco taxi drivers. >> chairman nolan: what is the rate at which the fund is growing? >> we started a pilot program, approximately 1 million dollars a year. we started the pilot program in late 2010. i cannot say with any accuracy what would happen when old medallions become transferable. that is what is happening now. >> chairman nolan: i am interested in that. that would be a wonderful thing to be able to do that. mr. -- point about being at a level, middle level, i would be interested in seeing that. >> a lot of the cabdrivers have talked about sort of the other challenges that they face in their industry, corruption may be within the cap companies, maybe with non-driving drivers holding the down is requi
by the new york city department of cultural affairs and the sanitation department to be the artist of the largest municipal landfill on this planet -- a rather daunting challenge. slowly but surely, i realized that she was doing the art for the next century. that she was just way ahead of everybody and that she was the official artist in residence at the department of sanitation of the city of new york. and i was just baffled by this, but i couldn't get it out of my mind. hey, david, what's that? what's that over there? ukeles: working in collaboration with sanitation engineers, ecologists, and planners, i will help design what this site will become. i don't want to pretend this is solid ground. this is not solid ground. this is a social sculpture that we all made. these mounds are here because i threw out my garbage in the bronx, and you threw out your garbage in brooklyn, and maybe we made a little bit too much garbage altogether, and look what we did here. we made these mounds. the landfill is scheduled to cease accepting waste in five years. how can we heal this site and return
closed. new york city is still rationing gas. four new york city hospitals are still closed or only offering limited services and one o the main train services between new jersey and new york city is still operating with limited service. this video shows the new jersey path station flooding the night of the storm. these stations sustained significant damage. the dow was up nearly 208 points. nasdaq up by more than 2%. the s&p higher, too. the reason, traders are more optimistic the fiscal cliff will be avoided. they think leaders in washington will reach some sort of compromise. we shall see if that optimism is merited. >>> well, twinkies live for another day. the hostess brand agreed to mediation. when hostess said it was closing last week, twitter and the world freaked out and blamed the union, which had been on strike since november 9th. today, a bankruptcy judge said he wanted to company and union to e meet one more time. that meeting is going to take place tomorrow. >>> it's been 473 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. moody's downgraded the country of france. today
speech in new york city, but it is what he said after the speech getting all the attention. next. gerri: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke speaking today at the new york economic club in new york city, and his message to lawwakers in washington, fix the fiscal cliff and don't kick the can down the road. the commons the fed chief has everybody talking. john, always great to see you. i want you to respond to something the fed chairman had to say this afternoon. listen to this. >> in a worst-case scenario where the economy goes off the broad fiscal cliff, the largest fiscal cliff, don't think the fed has the tools to offset that. gerri: don't look at me, can't do anything if you can't avoid the fiscal cliff. what did you make of that? speak of the war is quite complicit dumb explicit. if the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff, the jump in taxes would likely quickly push the u.s. economy into a recession and there is nothing the fed can do to prevent that from happening. gerri: it seems to have unloaded everything they have, the economy has to come back on its own now. >> they can do with
whether san francisco should follow new york city's lead allowing stud dwronts ride transit system free. a hearing about it in city hall today and a vote is to. abc 7 news is live with both sides of the debate. >> the vote on a resolution will indicate how supervisors feel this new pot of money should be spent. it could influence a decision by the board of districters who will vote next month. muni carries about 700,000 passengers per day. that is the oldest fleet in america, things are breaking down. now, comes a wind fall from regional metropolitan transportation commission. the supervisor wantsmh8k it invested. >> that needs to be job one for muni. >> critics don't want all of the money reserved for that. two years now, community activists and students have called on muni to offer free rides. >> this shouldn't be obstacles blocking from anything around the city. >> a 120% hike since 2009. and the once traditional school bus service has eroded. a member says she has sympathy for the kids but believes if buses aren't fixed, everybody suffers. >> this doesn't fulfill requirements. >> sp
in or leaving new york city and i had the book and had martinis and we read the book together and you loved one line "female criminals can be unwidely uncunning" and we had that conversation about why airportings never have clocks and after that i saw you two times and more sorrow and the first is when you family were in the gold country and i met you there before we went back to our house. although it was summer rain pored all day long. the pewter sky was inseparable from the horizon and you my brother and by that time were also becoming inseparable from the horizons of your illness and the line between you it and were blurring. it was during that first visit i understood that you would die and not eventually but sooner than that you. you were in a wheel care and -- chair and we waited while abbey and the boys got the care. it's the first time we were alone together. as the rain drummed i turned to you and saw that you were crying, crying silently not moving and i reflected then how curious it was before i never seen a person cry in this alarming manner silently and letsing the tears
-benz dealer. >>> "nightline" continues from new york city with cynthia mcfadden. >> alicia keys was younger than your average college grad when she skyrocketed to fame on the sheer force of her talent. a classically trained pianist with a soulful voice, keys is r & b royalty and with a new album "girl on fire" hitting stores next week we sat down to talk about love, passion and the little guy who has changed her world. it's a "nightline" interview. ♪ in girl is on fire >> reporter: alicia keys seems to be living her new hit. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ she's walking on fire >> reporter: this girl is on fire, i'm embarrassed to say is my new hairbrush song. you make us think we can sing even when we can't. >> i love it. >> reporter: you can really sing it. ♪ this girl is on fire >> the song came from a feeling and this feeling of my kind of finding my own space and to be my own self, my own full self, love it or hate it, whatever the case, here i am and here's me. >> reporter: at 31, she says she's come into her own. >> i'm more excited about this album than i've been for any record, ev
to make a change that is this radical, -- new york city as i understand it file piling one project on city land to see how it works this is not one the 375 units, we are talking about four-six projects and i might say it might really help not with affordable housing but with moderate mousing and i think that is scott wieners place on this and i think it might help but i think so it will open up a whole a lot of loopholes and i think we should go slowly and so one thing that we learned during the presidential campaign is the problem of math and so one thing that i would like to propose propose to you is the mathematical campaign so you divide in a by 30 days and what that comes out to is $50 a night i. simple math. if you think about that,that is pretty cheap per night and now imagine for a moment, here we go. so $1,500 a month works out to $50 a night and let's say that you charge $99 a night it's a teen hundred dollars and then 4,000 a month. and so now, you are holding one of these buildings and trying to figure out what do to satisfy your investors there will be a tremendous incentiv
us tonight from new york city. the dow have you back on the program. >> good to be with you. >> i mentioned all this drama, what happened at the closing bell the day? >> we saw a pretty good rally, there was rhetoric over the weekend that the two sides, republicans and democrats along with the president have the will to come together on these very important issues surrounding the fiscal cliff. has been a rocky situation as investors anticipate any outgoing talks from this conversation. we are not there yet at all. the markets are still down 5% because of the uncertainties about compromise. tavis: i was watching your show this weekend, i wake up this morning and read all the major newspapers, the new york times, beating the threat of higher taxes. investments fall off a cliff. tell me what about investors are doing or not doing if they can figure out where they are going. >> they talk about when the bush tax cuts will expire, the largest increase of all incomes, 90% of then comes coinciding with the elimination of spending programs to the tune of $600 billion. the fear is, we will
on the door. >> tonight new york city defends its reasoning. >> and refer madness in the rockie mountains. prosecutors in colorado now trying to figure out what to do with all the active marijuana cases now that folks there have voted to legalize the weed. but first from fox this monday night. hamas says to israel: i dare you. president obama talking to the egyptian president about preventing an all-out war between hamas and israel. the white house says the president told the egyptian leader: it's crucial for hamas militants to stop firing rockets into israel. this video from hamas. supposedly showing some of today's rocket launches. fox news can't independently verify it. hamas reports it fired more than 100 rockets today alone but police say none caused any injuries. [explosion] >> shepard: israel firing back with air strikes. there are reports of new explosions tonight, meaning overnight in gaza. officials say three israelis in more than 100 palestinians have died in the past six days. the white house also says that president obama called the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: we begin tonight with breaking news overseas. sixth straight day of fight in the middle east, israel continues to defend itself bombing new targets in the gaza strip. terrorists launched more than 1,000 rockets in to israel since last wednesday. president obama has been working with world leaders to diffuse the crisis. fox's david lee miller is live in southern israel with the latest on the conflict. david? >> reporter: at this hour, top ministry in israel are meeting behind closed doors to discuss a post-cease-fire agreement. as they continue to talk, the bloodshed continues. in the past if hours, israel continued to attack sites in gazsites ingaza. in total they targeted 1400 sites. among them, a stadium, a sports stadium where the israelis said hamas militants were launching rockets to israel. among the other targets, the media center where they say the militants were using communications facilities to get in touch with people on the ground. in total, more than 100 palestinians have been killed. half of them civilian
with fox news. he looks at me and goes, this is new york city. you might want to get that. i know. lou: 98% of the prospective buyers will be liberal. >> take everything and put it in the chest and we buried in the ocean so no one will ever find it. lou: and it is striking when you refer to fox as the death star. talking about the death star as overwhelming all of those left wing that works we will call them. and it is really true. you get one of two reactions, at least i have. you work for fox and the other is thank god you work for fox. by the way, the latter reaction is the one that is 80 percent of the time, at least. >> you will run into people that are not fans of fox and all it takes is about five minutes before you realize that they have never watched it. they will see something on a blog or it will hear something and the assumption is, that is the enemy. you will be at a bar, which is where i spend 95 percent of my time, and i end up talking to these people. they say, your normal. yes. you have a strange view of what we are. lou: your book, at various points, conveys the sense tha
of the family. it's a wonderful place. i just want to remind people that in central park in new york city, itbnpic¢Ñ a restaurant, is called tavern on the green. it hasn't made central park into some sort of ugly slum. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you. next speaker, come on up. >> my name's bill bowles, i've lived in san francisco for 10 years and known the mcnifns for maybe 20 years. i agree with the previous speaker here. you know, there's only one beach chalet. there's only one cliffhouse. there's only one ferry building, and one warming hut. it's important that those places are run well. and they are. and they're not a place with -- the beach chalet is not a place with drunks roaming around late at night. it's actually a great san francisco icon. the ferry building as well. and with this degaussing station there's opportunity to make that place, which is currently empty, a new spot for locals and for tourists to gravitate to. and the mcnifns are an amazing family, and they are great restaurant owners. i've seen three different restaurants that they have owned, all with differe
in new york city that is undergoing significant development. so, i have all of the same concerns in the area where i live and i take them very seriously and so do we all. but we are trying to create a situation that will alleviate those fears and concerns and at the same time provide economic development and job growth for the neighborhood for the city and the region. we're focused on making this a place where families and other people of the neighborhood and the city can enjoy themselves. and the space that is today a surface parking lot of about three acres in a degrading concrete pier. this is something we all feel we can only improve the quality of life, the property and social values of the neighborhood as we take the concerns of those nearby to heart. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. dikers. i actually just had a couple of comments, more comments than questions. i just want to express -- by the way, thank you so much for the presentation. the design is beautiful, and i thank the comments and feedback that we got. there is general consensus that it was presented to the
is the fact that even though you are not allowed to business in new york city, i know you and your associates and truckloads of equipment have come in to help the people victims of sandy. it is a very good move on your part, don't know how much of it is pr and how much you jus he dt to help out people, but you can't do business here but you'ryouare helping the people . speaker that is just who we are, we have been doing that for 50 years now. anytime the communities are in need we are there to step up and help, such an awful incident, and we're just happy to do our part when the governor called and governor chris christie called, we got our trucks on the road as quickly as possible getting relief to the victims hurt by hurricane sandy, that is just what we do. tom: i would love to be a fly on that phone call. i know you're in new jersey and new york, still kept out for some reason. thank you very, very much. >> thank you, we appreciate it. tom: the fiscal cliff is not here yet, but more companies say they are already falling off. and while everybody is worried, washington, guess where they ar
for the dow jones, back to you. jon: that would be good. thank you. well, new york city is set to demolish several homes on staten island. they were damaged during superstorm sandy. should they be rebuilt. it turns out this area is a flood zone.i have oblations. cu you'll get your live report on this controversy coming up. ucin, ucin, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ish for aospectusch s this it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. jon: right now a legal case pitting the rights of innocent civilians. this was sparked by eight bank robbery in aurora, colorado. police, in their case, tracking a gps device that was passed in the stolen money. here is where the controversy begins. they only had the famous description of the getaway car and the suspect. so police wound up training their weapons on nearly two dozen cars at an intersection where the signal said that the gps device was stopped. the cops ordered all of the drivers an
leventhal has thatory from staten island. >> new york city collected more than a quarter billion tons of debris in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. but the job isn't done yet. soon, at least 200 of the hardest hit homes may be demolished. residents are struggling to decide if and how they will rebuild. >> came back and up in of us could we have been devastated here. >> teresa's home is one of a thousand tagged with a red sticker labeling it unsafe to occupy. the stickers don't necessarily mean homes must be raised, leave manage like teresa with a lot of questions. >> what kind of foundation to do we need to put. what beams do we need in the home. so that if we are hit ever again. close to this. some homes will be able to sustain it. >> lawmakers op staten island are divided op how to move forward. some are calling for a moratorium on building from six months to a year to be studies op topography, and impact on beaches and long--term interest of residents. proposals to require new home to be built with bricks or stilts with electrical systems high above ground. most say no matte matte
. megyn: thank you both so much. up next, a possible serial killer on the loose in new york city. also coming up next, a little bit later, we will talk with marc berman on developments in the o.j. simpson case. megyn: fox news alert, this is just coming in across the wires, we are being told that the first soldier of the israeli army has been killed in a rocket strike. this is the first soldier we're told to be killed in a rocket strike in israel in connection with this gaza conflict. that's all we know at this hour. we don't know when or anymore circumstances, but the death toll continues to rise in this region, and you heard leland vittert say moments ago that ironically perhaps a sign that a ceasefire may be coming is the increase of rocket fire between the two sides who may understand that the diplomats are trying to broker a peace, and they don't have much longer to keep trying to kill each other. we'll have more on that as we get it. >>> we're tracking a story about the serial killer who may be on the loose in new york city. this man who they call john doe duffel bag about why he
is right in new york city expected to give a speech and talk about the fiscal cliff, the state of the economy, q e 3, q e infinity. peter barnes standing by in washington. there are so many names for q e 3 i can decide which one to use. >> it was q e 3. we have a copy of the speech and ben bernanke appears to tee up more quantitative easing for the economy and expanding q e 3 but he says what the economy could really use is a fix for the fiscal cliff and he puts more pressure on politicians to do that. he says uncertainty about europe, but especially the fiscal cliff, seemed to be weighing on the spending decisions of households and businesses and financial conditions. he says, quote, cooperation and creativity to deliver fiscal clarity could help make the new year a very good one for the american economy. in the meantime ben bernanke repeat the fed language from his announcement when it launched q e 3. the fomc said we would continue purchasing mortgage-backed securities, undertake additional purchase a longer-term security and employ other policy tools until we judge the outl
it is in the next door town in egypt wit the next door town. it's one sixth the density of new york city. there's a lot of myths going on around gaza. there are luxury hotels, there are rich people and a lot of poor people. when you start saying poverty is an excuse for terrorism and sending rockets, there are a lot poorer places than gaza. >> you're in contact with hamas, what in the end do they hope to achieve? they can't blow their way to victory here. they may win a few skirmishes, battles, but they're not going to win the war overtime, are they? >> hamas is an organization that won an election in 2006. and we didn't like it that they won the election, and they were undermined. we cut them off, that's where the beginning of the siege was. and israeli officials at the time, israeli government officials said our policy toward gaza is to put the palestinians on a diet. there's malnutrition in gaza, it's not open. you can talk about two luxury hotels that are there that serve three or four people, this is an impoverished part of the world that is more deeply impoverished now than before the isr
daughter of robert f crashed north of new york city with generic forum byen in her bloo blood. the report conclusion that drug driving probably happens more than drunk drivin driving. mother against drunk driving added drug driving to the campaign because of the rise. >> driving under the influence no longer means just alcohol. it includes alcohol and drugs and combination of both. the result and consequences are really the same. people get arrested or end up dead. >>reporter: advocating recreation use of marijuana are not deterred by the report. drug policy alliance opposes driving while impaired by pot but california numbers shouldn't prevent effort to loosen up law. >> nobody should drive under the impairment of anything. i'm just saying that the risk associated with marijuana and driving are substantially lower than the risk associated with alcohol and with some prescription drugs. >>reporter: state will have more concrete numbers in a few years beginning in 2014 law enforcements will start indicating on dui reports whether case is related to alcohol, drug or both. in sacramento
by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: we begin with attacks by israel and hamas. in israel, three civilians have been killed and dozens wounded, hamas has fired more than one thousand rockets into israel, many of which have been intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system. the world watches nervously as the buildup of israeli troops continue along the border. today secretary general ban ki-moon arrived in cairo to support egyptian-led efforts at a cease-fire. yesterday, president obama spoke about the situation from thailand, he is viz thing country as part of a three-country asia tour. >> we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. and we will continue to support israel's right to defend itself. >> rose: here's what "cbs evening news" reported today from the war zone. >> an angry crowd gathered outside a hospital in gaza this morning as bodies of children killed in yesterday's air strike were brought out to be buried.
, 652 high temperature in minneapolis. 50 the high in new york city 58 degrees in raleigh, north caroli carolina. we are not expecting any major delays at the big airport hubs jfk looking good atlanta, chicago, dallas, denver and even in the west coast we have issues in northern portions in sdpat of californ -- state of california have had heavy rain up to 10 inches of rain and snow across portions of the cascades. we have picked up snow across the sierras. otherwise further east quiet a couple showers across the portions of the ohio valley. overall looking good for our travels. >> sounds great. thank you very much maria. >> now to some stories you can bank on this morning when you go to fill up before hitting the road this thanksgiving you may actually be paying less at the pump than you did earlier this month but it may be the most that you have ever paid for gas at thanksgiving. lauren simonetti from the fox business network joins us to explain all of this. kind of good news but then we had though throw the wrench into it. >> there are some things to be thankful for this thanksgiving
times roll ♪ ♪ got to let go, pedal to the floor ♪ ♪ do it and let the good times roll new york city, make some noise! ♪ let's go all night all night ♪ wake up the club and let's go all night all night ♪ ♪ more drinks for us ♪ toast the good times ♪ where they last forever we're youngs yeah the good times ♪ ♪ raise your glass let's all have some fun ♪ ♪ love is nice when it's understood ♪ ♪ it's even nicer when it makes you feel good ♪ ♪ come on baby let the good times roll ♪ ♪ come on baby let the good times roll ♪ ♪ come on baby let the good times roll ♪ ♪ come on baby let the good times roll ♪ ♪ come on baby let the good times roll ♪ ♪ come on baby let the good times roll ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> 6 figure nhe's dedicated
:00 in new york city, a diplomatic push to stop the deadly battle. we are hearing now conflicting reports about whether a cease-fire may be coming. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with some of the key players in the conflict. we will have more on secretary clinton's trip. first, white house officials say the president spoke with the egyptian president trying to broker a truce. a rocket strike killed one of the soldiers marking the first israeli military death in the conflict. while health officials in gaza say the airstrike killed a militant and five others in gaza city. they say palestinian militants publicly executed six people suspected it of spying for israel. executed in the middle of a busy street. there are pictures of them dragging one of the bodies behind a motorcycle. the 6-day battle has reportedly killed 120 palestinians including dozens upon dozens of civilians as well as four israelis, three civilians. with that we begin team fox coverage. jennifer griffin at the state department. let's get to david lee mill who is live in -- david lee miller who is live. there
york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: you know how when your friends who voted for obama are so in the cause they say progressives want to help the little guy and they have the values as all of us? the next time they sell you garbage two stories that are perfect examples of what the left does once they get power. by the way, not looking out for you. first up, george soros, the money behind the far left group, he wants chaos at wal-mart on black friday. height of the shopping season. they want picket leans, flash mobs and mass destructions at wal-mart stores. is that what you want when you bring your kids shopping the day after thanksgiving? greg, i am going first off, can you imagine that you walk in a wal-mart, day after thanksgiving, and they have picket signs in the parking lot. you're crazy. >> greg: george soros wouldn't know a wal-mart if he bought one. this is as far away from the billionaire's life. is he the self-appointed labor secretary? why doesn't obama appoint him as the destroy america czar? he hates this place. by the way, chopping is, shopping is the
. ben bernanke speaking at the economic club of new york city, and, today, as we talked about, what did he say about the economy, the debt crisis, and the feds' latest move? details ahead. liz: shopping for green in the portfolio? three exchange traded funds, baskets of stocks to play a bunch of names in holiday shopping that could bring cheer to the investments' bottom line. david: doesn't take a rocket scientist to know our financial situation is a mess, but maybe it takings one to fix it. we need higher taxes for millionaires, and, guess what, he has one himself. ron garret joining us straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. so, which supeast 4g lte servi
. temperatures in the gulf coast almost 60. it will be 68 in atlanta and 50 here in new york city and only 40 in caribou, maine. that is a look at the forecast for traveling tuesday. >> alisyn: it is three weeks since hurricane sandy ripped through the east coast. our next guest lost her house and tried to get help from fema and the build being department with no answers. >> brian: long island residents melinda joins us. it is a harrowing time for you and thousands on long island in staten island to new jersey and new york city, too. you have a business in your house. >> right, my business is in my house and we were displaced by fem a. they told us that our house was uninhabitable. we are living in long beach now. that is my basement . and i push to have that gutted. we had to like -- there is a lot of people who needed the houses drained. it is down and that stuff is out on the street now . that is our boardwalk. watching long beach go down a tough one. yeah. >> alisyn: your house as you said is uninhabitable and it is flooded with five feet of water. what are you suppose dod do now? >> righ
. thank you. goodbye. guest: new york city has been spending a lot of money in recent years like this too would predict that the sewage system and infrastructure. it is probably not even up. i think pomost people would acknowledge that. the city has done a lot to upgrade, but infrastructure and a lot of places is what made it a great city 100 years ago. the subway systems, water tunnels, these are 100-years-old in some places. they are reaching the point where they are expensive to repair a leak repaired offered -- repaired often. that will be a big focus. that is something the city and state will be looking at going forward. in "the newtory today york times" -- how does the federal government help with this, or does it? guest: i do not know if it does. and a lot of cases they're sending in trucks to help deal with this. some of the towns are overwhelmed. and a lot of cases they will end up pay for the overtime of the workers. this will obviously be a huge drain on cities like hoboken. i talked to the mayor of reverse city, new jersey. same problem. they say they pull up with the 30 foot
workers high above new york city. they were pulled to the roof of a 13-story building after their scaffolding malfunctioned. a city firefighter was lowered down to secure the men before they were then pulled to safety. thankfully, no one was hurt. >>> and finally, a stunning sight inside a hospital in canada. take a look as the wall inside this emergency room gives way. a flood of water bursting through, as nurses were sent scrambling to evacuate patients. it was no act of mother nature. turns out, a water main burst. the flood so bad, that the e.r., one of canada's busiest, will be shut down for days. thankfully, no one was hurt here, either. but more than 100 surgeries had to be canceled. >> the water was just building up in the wall. >> building and bursting. >> wow, that's amazing. >> again, it's in british columbia, one of the busiest in the country. >> and the hospitals here are still reeling from hurricane sandy. okay, josh, thanks. >>> we have a shocking twist in the indiana home explosion last week that killed a young couple. authorities said monday that the blast w
to supply new york city for more than 100 days. and when is politico, willie, going to address turkey waste? when? paul mccartney was talking, but we shouldn't eat turkeys. >> aren't you glad you stayed with us and didn't go all the way over across the street? >> you don't get this on the "today" show. >> i'm thinking of that turkey water. >> okay. >> the stuff that floats -- >> you ever drank it? >> no. >> i'm telling you what i do, i eat, right, i eat a big meal. >> right. >> i pull up my velour sweats and i run sprints. >> turkey water. >> i start -- >> oh, my god. >> hot. >> hot turkey water. >> hot turkey water tonic. >> that's gross. >> maybe a spritzer. >> no, not that kind of spritzer, i mean the turkey water. >> i know. >> please stop. >> are you not well? are you okay? >> it's so refreshing. >> not anymore. >> go to him. >> grease goes right in the pores. >> jim vandehei, what do you think? >> my face shines for a week. >> it does. >> he's a huge holiday man. >> he does. >> he looks thanksgiving, arbor day -- >> boxer day. >> and of course -- >> boxer day? >> boxing day. >> hot tu
with an exploding bomb on live tv. i'm kevin frazier in new york city. "the insider" is on. >> centers -- that was a rather large explosion. >> anderson's middle east near mishap. >>> the new interview with talk show fill-in rosie. >> you look well for a guy who almost got blown up. >>> robin roberts' hospitalization. her donor sister's new sitdown about the "gma" anchor's new virus. >>> plus, sex, lies and spies. the cia scandal makes "people's" cover.
in new york city where it will cost them $50,000 to pay their rent alone who has to put kids through college. these are not donald trump. these are small business owners filing as individuals. the republican party need to start owning the messaging. >> politicians are the greediest of all. they spend too much money. they spend the lock box for social security. they bankrupt the company. they bankrupt medicare. they accumulate power. in the process, how come nobody ever focuses on how corrupt they are and how selfish they are? >> it's the narrative. people accept what is easiest to understand. we used to read a paragraph of the story. now we read the headline and accept it as though it's the gospel. we have to do a better job. my industry needs to do a better job of communicating the message. >> how bad is it going to get? >> i think it's going to get real bad. >> how bad. >> even if we don't go over the fiscal cliff, we're going into the recession because nothing on the horizon looks good. america needs to get ready for a slow economy to a weak economy. >> for how long will this last
. >> woodruff: now we turn to our ongoing coverage of the recovery after superstorm sandy. new york city officials say they will demolish about 200 homes in the outer boroughs, including some heavily damaged ones in the rockaways. some 200 other homes in the city were so badly damaged by the storm that they likely will be demolished as well. as residents consider their next steps, they face questions over whether to rebuild and the role of insurance coverage. our economics correspondent, paul solman, visited the area as part of his reporting on making sense of financial news. >> solman: on new york's rockaway peninsula, workers clearing out robert kaskel's ground floor condo, the former manhattanite's little piece of paradise-- until sandy hit. >> the ocean came right into all the properties here. it blew open my front door right off the frame. the water rushed down into my basement, completely filling the entire basement, and then continued to rise. and i'm sure that there was even wave action inside because where the water line is, i see traces of water even higher than that. >> solman
this is going to be our wake-up call and right now in new york city, the debate is over how much to increase fares in public transit and they -- the metrotransity authority wants to increase the price of riding a subway and the price of riding trains quite a bit, and so how does this make sense? we're supposedly having a wake-up call and we're making it harder for people to use public transit and that's because we don't have the resources that we need. >> you've been out on the devastation, why? >> i'm writing a book and the documentary to go with it and we were filming in the rockaways in staten island and in red ho, and also in the relief hubs where you just see a tremendous number of volunteers organized by occupy wall street. they call it occupy sandy. >> really? >> what i found is that the generosity is tremendous. i saw a friend last night and i asked her whether she'd been involved in the hurricane relief. they have my car, i hope they get it back. if you see it, tell me. people are tremendous. so one of the things that you find out in a disaster is you really do need a public sector.
from new york city. david? >> that's tyler. hewlett-packard reporting earnings this morning, that was not the focus for investors, the company alleging it was defrauded by autonomy to the tune of $5.3 billion when it bought that company in october of 2011 for $11.1 billion. that 5.3 part of an overall part of an 8.8 billion write-down related to that autonomy acquisition. certainly not a good one. now you it was last may that an insider, a senior insider from autonomy, spoke up, essential lay whistleblower inside hp and said, hey, you know what, now that management has gone,ing me whitman just fired the management of autonomy, now they are gone, i want to alert you to some accounting improprieties, revenue recognition issues and an investigation ensued. what did they find? according to hp, they did things like selling hardware at a loss to supplement revenues but treated the costs of selling that as a marketing. so margins weren't affected. they actually gave money to value edit resellers to buy their software products making look like they had much stronger sales to omms th
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